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From DuyHai Doan <>
Subject Load balancing issue with virtual nodes
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 14:14:32 GMT
Hello all

 I'm facing a rather weird issue with virtual nodes.

 My customer has a cluster with 2 nodes only. I've set virtual nodes so
future addition of new nodes will be easy.

 Now, after some benching tests with massive data insert, I can see with
"htop" that one node has its CPU occupation up to 60% and the other only
around 10%

 The massive insertion workload consist of random data and random string
(20 chars) as partition key so in theory, the Murmur3 partitioner should
dispatch then evenly between both nodes...

 Is there any existing JIRA related to load balancing issue with vnodes ?


 Duy Hai DOAN

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