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From Batranut Bogdan <>
Subject Re: Load balancing issue with virtual nodes
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 20:23:05 GMT
Htop is not the only tool for this . Cassandra will hit io bottlnecks before cpu (on faster
cpus) . A simple solution is to check the size of the data dir on the boxes. If you have aprox
the same size then cassandra is wrinting in the whole cluster. Check how the data dir size
changes when importing use iostat to see how loaded the hdds are. In my experience I rarely
look at cpu load. Since i have hdds i/o is the thing that i keep an eye on. Also try secvential
strings when inserting but this should behave aprox the same as for  random ones.<a href=""><br/><br/>Sent
from Yahoo Mail for iPhone</a>
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