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From java8964 <>
Subject Backup/Restore in Cassandra
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2014 14:14:31 GMT
Currently I am looking how the bacup/restore be done in Cassandra, based the document from
Here is one way to do it:
1) Do a full snapshot every week2) Enable incremental backup every day
So with last snapshot + the incremental backups after that snapshot, you can restore the cluster
to the stage before it is lost.
Here are my understanding  how Cassandra will flush from Memtable to SSTable files in snapshot
or incremental backups:
1) Full snapshot will force Cassandra flush all memtables to SSTable files, but incremental
backup won't.2) Incremental backup just hard-link all the SSTables after the last snapshot.
Here is my question:
If the my above understanding is correct, let's say there is a data change happened after
the last snapshot, then recorded into commit log, and stored in memtable, but never flush
to the SSTables yet, at this time, we lost our cluster. Will that change be lost just based
on last snapshot plus incremental backups? Or besides the last snapshot plus incremental backups,
we also need all commit log for a restore?
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