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From Le Xu <>
Subject Setting up Cassandra across private network
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2014 05:14:23 GMT
I'm currently using Cassandra 1.23 and I'm trying to set up a cluster on
the private network,  so that nodes can communicate through eth4 inet
address instead of eth0 inet address.
My current yaml file specify eth4 address in the seed field. However the
the rpc address is set to Both listen address and broadcast
address are not set.

Then I got error message:

ERROR 22:52:21,936 Exception encountered during startup
java.lang.RuntimeException: No other nodes seen!  Unable to bootstrap.If
you intended to start a single-node cluster, you should make sure your
broadcast_address (or listen_address) is listed as a seed.  Otherwise, you
need to determine why the seed being contacted has no knowledge of the rest
of the cluster.  Usually, this can be solved by giving all nodes the same
seed list.

My guess is the nodes were not be able to communicate with each other but
some unspecified field is resolved to eth0 address. Could it be the problem
with broadcast/listen address? My nodes share filesystem through NFS so if
eth4 address needs to be specified receptively on each node then separate
config file will be necessary.

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