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From Check Peck <>
Subject Cassandra cpp driver call to local cassandra colo
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 14:47:17 GMT
I have couple of question on Datastax C++ driver.

We have 36 nodes Cassandra cluster. 12 nodes in DC1, 12 nodes in DC2, 12
nodes in DC3 datacenters.

And our application code is also in three datacenters- 11 node in DC1, 11
node in DC2, 11 node in DC3 datacenter.

So my question is if the application call is coming from DC1 datacenter,
then will it go to DC1 Cassandra nodes automatically with the use of cpp
driver? And same with DC2 and DC3?

Or we need to add some config changes in our C++ code while making
connection to cassandra which will then make sure if the call is coming
from DC1 datacenter then it will go to DC1 Cassandra nodes?

If there is any config change which we need to add in our C++ code, then
can you please point me to that?

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