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From Joel Samuelsson <>
Subject Weird timeouts
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 14:22:03 GMT
I try to fetch all the row keys from a column family (there should only be
a couple of hundred in that CF) in several different ways but I get
timeouts whichever way I try:

Through the cassandra cli:
Fetching 45 rows is fine:
list cf limit 46 columns 0;
45 Rows Returned.
Elapsed time: 298 msec(s).

Fetching 46 rows however gives me a timeout after a minute or so:
list cf limit 46 columns 0;

Through pycassa:
keys = cf.get_range(column_count = 1, buffer_size = 2)

for key, val in keys:
     print key

This prints some keys and then gets stuck at the same place each time and
then timeouts.

The columns (column names + value) in the rows should be less than 100
bytes each, though there may be a lot of them on a particular row.

To me it seems like one of the rows take too long time to fetch but I don't
know why since I am limitiing the number of columns to 0. Without seeing
the row, I have a hard time knowing what could be wrong. Do you have any

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