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From "Lu, Boying" <>
Subject How to paginate all columns in a row
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 13:23:46 GMT
Hi, All,

I need to paginate all columns in a row. but can not  to use RowQuery.autoPaginate() method
to do this
due to some requirements.

All columns are composite column and I need to get next 'page' by a separated query.

Here is my pseudo codes (page size =3):
ColumList<C>  result = query.execute().getResult()  //get first 3 columns  A

//last column of this query
Column<C> lastColumn = result.getColumnByIndex(result.size()-1);

//not try to get next page
RowQuery<C> query = keyspace.prepareQuery(someCf).getKey(someRow)
 // page size =3

result = query.execute().getResult();  //B

I created 10 columns in the CF, I can get the first 3 columns after A
But get zero columns at B, which is unexpected.

I've verified that there are 10 columns in the CF.  So there must be something wrong with
my second query.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with the second query?

Thanks a lot


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