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From Jon Forrest <>
Subject Re: Installing Datastax Cassandra 1.2.15 Using Yum (Java Issue)
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2014 15:50:19 GMT

On 3/28/2014 8:20 AM, Michael Shuler wrote:

>> # rpm -iv cassandra12-1.2.15-1.noarch.rpm
>> error: Failed dependencies:
>>          java >= 1.6.0 is needed by cassandra12-1.2.15-1.noarch
> This properly indicates the missing dependency, which is not installed,
> nor provided by a package in your 'rpm -i ...' command.   This is a
> *binary* dependency: the binary 'java' is installed by a package that is
> in the rpm database. (rpm knows nothing about your tar install..)

I don't think so. I believe this is saying that the 'java' package
is missing, not the 'java' binary.

>> One way of proving this is what I see when I run
>> # yum install jdk
>> which is
>> Package 2000:jdk-1.7.0_51-fcs.x86_64 already installed and latest version
> Is this from some yum repo? I guess this is your custom oracle jdk
> package from some custom location?

This is the Oracle JDK rpm.

>> That's what we want the Cassandra rpm to see. So, I'm going to try
>> repacking the Cassandra rpm to depend on jdk. If all goes well, this
>> will work, or at least let the installation get farther.
> No, C* does not depend on a JDK - it does depend on a JRE, which
> provides a /usr/bin/java binary.

I respectfully disagree.

> So, yes.. Oracle has screwed up making use of their
> once-freely-redistributable JRE and distirbutions have no choice but to
> only provide OpenJDK packages.  This is not really a huge issue, as C*
> *does* run fine on OpenJDK.

I'm not doubting what you say, but why would the DataStax
website say to use Oracle Java?

> I don't know yum/rpm as well as apt/dpkg, but this is a solvable
> problem, most times, by setting up your own yum/apt repository, if you
> want to provide your system with custom, non-distribution-provided
> packages.

True, but this is a good idea for reasons having nothing to do
with the Cassandra issue.

> I could be convinced that I'm wrong and there could be improvements made
> for yum/rpm to work better, but a binary dependency of 'java >=
> $somever' is about a simple as it gets - how that is met for yum is the
> problem to solve, and oracle made that a "figure it out yourself"
> problem for sysadmins.

I think I've solved this problem. I'm going to post another message
in which I describe what I've done.

Jon Forrest

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