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From Duncan Sands <>
Subject Re: Problems with adding datacenter and schema version disagreement
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2014 12:40:55 GMT
Hi Aleksander, this may be related to CASSANDRA-6799 and CASSANDRA-6700 (if it 
is caused by CASSANDRA-6700 then you are in luck: it is fixed in 2.0.6).

Best wishes, Duncan.

On 11/03/14 13:30, wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've faced an issue with cassandra 2.0.5.
> I've 6 node cluster with random partitioner, still using tokens
> instead of vnodes.
> Cause we're changing hardware we decide to migrate cluster to 6 new
> machines and change partitioning options to vnode rather then
> token-based.
> I've followed instruction on site:
> and started cassandra on 6 new nodes in new DC. Everything seems to
> work correctly, nodes were seen from all others as up and normal.
> Then i performed nodetool repair -pr on the first of new nodes.
> But process falls into infinite loop, sending/receiving merkle trees
> over and over. It hangs on one very small KS it there were no hope it
> will stop sometime (process was running whole night).
> So I decided to stop the repair and restart cass on this particular
> new node. after restart 'Ive tried repair one more time with another
> small KS, but it also falls into infinite loop.
> So i decided to break the procedure of adding datacenter, remove nodes
> from new DC and start all from scratch.
> After running removenode on all new nodes I've wiped data dir and
> start cassandra on new node once again. During the start messages
> "org.apache.cassandra.db.UnknownColumnFamilyException: Couldn't find
> cfId=98bb99a2-42f2-3fcd-af67-208a4faae5fa"
> appears in logs. Google said, that they may mean problems with schema
> versions consistency, so I performed describe cluster in cassandra-cli
> and i get:
> Cluster Information:
>     Name: Metadata Cluster
>     Snitch: org.apache.cassandra.locator.GossipingPropertyFileSnitch
>     Partitioner: org.apache.cassandra.dht.RandomPartitioner
>     Schema versions:
> 76198f8b-663f-3434-8860-251ebc6f50c4: []
> f48d3512-e299-3508-a29d-0844a0293f3a: []
> 16ad2e35-1eef-32f0-995c-e2cbd4c18abf: []
> 72352017-9b0d-3b29-8c55-ed86f30363c5: []
> 7f1faa84-0821-3311-9232-9407500591cc: []
> 85cd0ebc-5d33-3bec-a682-8c5880ee2fa1: []
> So now I have 6 diff schema version for cluster. But how it can
> happened? How can I take my cluster to consistent state?
> What did I wrong during extending cluster, so nodetool falls into infinite loop?
> At the first sight data looks ok, I can read from cluster and I'm
> getting expected output.
> best regards
> Aleksander

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