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From Oleg Dulin <>
Subject Cass 1.2.11: Replacing a node procedure
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2014 22:01:10 GMT
Dear Distinguished Colleagues:

I have a situation where in the production environment one of the 
machines is overheating and needs to be serviced. Now, the landscape 
looks like this:

4 machines in primary DC, 4 machiens in DR DC. Replication factor is 2.

I also have a QA environment with 4 machines in a single DC, RF=2 as well.

We need to work with the manufaturer to figure out what is wrong with 
the machine. The proposed course of action is the following:

1) Take the faulty prod machine (lets call it X) out of production.
2) Take a healthy QA machine (lets call it Y) out of QA
3) Plug QA machine into the prod cluster and rebuild it.
4) Plug prod machine into the QA cluster and leave it alone and let the 
manufacturer service it to their liking until they say it is fixed, at 
which point we will just leave it in QA.

So basically we are talking about replacing a dead node.

I found this:

I am not using vnodes, just plain vanilla tokens and RandomPartitioner. 
So that procedure doesn't apply. I need some help putting together a 
step-by-step checklist what I would need to do.

Oleg Dulin

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