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From "Sholes, Joshua" <>
Subject One of my nodes is in the wrong datacenter - help!
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2014 18:48:45 GMT

I had a node in my 8-node production 1.2.8 cluster have a serious problem and need to be removed
and rebuilt.   However, after doing nodetool removenode and then bootstrapping a new node
on the same IP address, the new node somehow ended up with a different datacenter name (the
rest of the nodes are in dc $NAME, and the new one is in dc $NAME6934724 — as in, a string
of seemingly random numbers appended to the correct name).   How can I force it to change
DC names back to what it should be?

I’m working with 500+GB per node here so bootstrapping it again is not a huge issue, but
I’d prefer to avoid it anyway.  I am NOT able to change the node’s IP address at this
time so I’m stuck with bootstrapping a new node in the same place, which my gut feeling
tells me might be part of the problem.

Any insight anyone can give me is highly appreciated.

Josh Sholes

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