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From Clint Kelly <>
Subject CQL3 delete using < or > ?
Date Sun, 09 Feb 2014 02:09:32 GMT

Is there any way to perform a delete in CQL of all rows where a
particular columns (that is part of the primary key) is less than a
certain value?  I believe that the corresponding SELECT statement
works, as in this example:

cqlsh:fiddle> describe table foo;

  key text,
  fam text,
  qual text,
  version int,
  val text,
  PRIMARY KEY (key, fam, qual, version)
  bloom_filter_fp_chance=0.010000 AND
  caching='KEYS_ONLY' AND
  comment='' AND
  dclocal_read_repair_chance=0.000000 AND
  gc_grace_seconds=864000 AND
  index_interval=128 AND
  read_repair_chance=0.100000 AND
  replicate_on_write='true' AND
  populate_io_cache_on_flush='false' AND
  default_time_to_live=0 AND
  speculative_retry='99.0PERCENTILE' AND
  memtable_flush_period_in_ms=0 AND
  compaction={'class': 'SizeTieredCompactionStrategy'} AND
  compression={'sstable_compression': 'LZ4Compressor'};

cqlsh:fiddle> select * from foo;

 key   | fam  | qual | version | val
 Clint | info | hair |       5 |  brown
 Clint | info | hair |      10 | blonde

(2 rows)

cqlsh:fiddle> select val from foo where key='Clint' and fam='info' and
qual='hair' and version <= 5;


(1 rows)

cqlsh:fiddle> delete val from foo where key='Clint' and fam='info' and
qual='hair' and version <= 5;
Bad Request: Invalid operator LTE for PRIMARY KEY part version

I assume the only way I can implement the functionality I'm looking
for is to do a select, get a list of all of the elements that I want
to delete, and then delete them in a big batch statement.  Is that


Best regards,

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