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From Sameer Farooqui <>
Subject Looking for clarification on the gossip protocol... 3 random nodes every second?
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 04:44:46 GMT
Hi, I'm looking to get some clarification on how the gossip protocol works
in Cassandra 2.0.

Does a node contact 3 purely random nodes every second for gossip or is
there more intelligence involved in how it selects the 3 nodes?

*The Apache wiki on Cassandra states this:*
"Gossip timer task runs every second. During each of these runs the node
initiates gossip exchange according to following rules:

1) Gossip to random live endpoint (if any)

2) Gossip to random unreachable endpoint with certain probability depending
on number of unreachable and live nodes

3) If the node gossiped to at (1) was not seed, or the number of live nodes
is less than number of seeds, gossip to random seed with certain
probability depending on number of unreachable, seed and live nodes.

These rules were developed to ensure that if the network is up, all nodes
will eventually know about all other nodes."


Is the above still true for C* 2.0?

Let's say all 20 nodes in a C* cluster are up. In this case will each node
simply contact 3 random nodes every second?

- SF

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