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From "Green, John M (HP Education)" <>
Subject Naive question about orphan rows
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2014 16:01:21 GMT
I'm very much a newbie so this may be a silly question but ...

I have a situation similar to the music service example (
of songs and playlists.  However, in my case, the "songs" would be considered orphans that
should be deleted when no "playlists" refer to them.  Relational databases have mechanisms
to manage this relationship so that a "song" could be deleted as soon as the last "playlist"
referencing it is deleted.    While I do NOT need to manage this as an atomic transaction,
I'm wondering what is the best way to delete orphaned rows (i.e., "songs" not referenced by
any "playlists")  using Cassandra.

I guess an alternative approach would be to store "songs" directly in the "playlists" but
this could lead to many redundant copies of the same "song" which is something I'm hoping
to avoid.  I'm my case the "playlists" could have thousands of entries and the "songs" might
be blobs of 10s of Mbytes.    Maybe I'm just having a hard time abandoning my relational roots?


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