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From Naresh Yadav <>
Subject Best design for a usecase ??
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2014 09:03:47 GMT

I need to design a table which will give a UUID to set of tags.
Each tag itself has unique UUID

*TagCombination* table
TC1  ->  India, Pen
TC2  ->  Shampoo, U.K
TC3  ->  Team1, Product1, Location1
TC4  ->  Office1, India, Pen

I can have *billion *of such unique combinations and there can be *million *of
unique tags but each combination will have 2 to 10 tags max.

As data comes daily there would be new combination registered if not exists.

*Query on this table :*
1. Give me list of tags for Tagcombination Id=TC1
2. A set of tags comes in which Tagcombination Ids
    If i say India,Pen comes then it comes in TC1, TC4
    There can be exact match or partial match on tags to get TCids

Please suggest design for this so that this table can handle bigdata.


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