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From Naresh Yadav <>
Subject Help on Designing Cassandra table for my usecase
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 13:15:55 GMT
Hi all,

I have a use case with huge data which i am not able to design in cassandra.

Table name : MetricResult

Sample Data :

Metric=Sales, Time=Month,  Period=Jan-10, Tag=U.S.A, Tag=Pen,     Value=10
Metric=Sales, Time=Month, Period=Jan-10, Tag=U.S.A, Tag=Pencil,  Value=20
Metric=Sales, Time=Month, Period=Feb-10, Tag=U.S.A, Tag=Pen,     Value=30
Metric=Sales, Time=Month, Period=Feb-10, Tag=U.S.A, Tag=Pencil,  Value=10
Metric=Sales, Time=Month, Period=Feb-10, Tag=India,
Metric=Sales, Time=Year, Period=2010,       Tag=U.S.A,
Metric=Cost,  Time=Year, Period=2010,    Tag=CPU,
Metric=Cost,  Time=Year,  Period=2010,    Tag=RAM,
Metric=Cost,  Time=Year  Period=2011,     Tag=CPU,
Metric=Resource, Time=Week Period=Week1-2013,                      Value=100

So in above case i have case of
         TimeSeries data  i.e Time,Period column
         Dynamic columns i.e Tag column
         Indexing on dynamic columns i.e Tag column
         Aggregations SUM, AVERAGE
         Same value comes again for a Metric, Time, Period, Tag then
overwrite it

Queries i need to support :
a)Give data for Metric=Sales AND Time=Month
       O/P : 5 rows
b)Give data for Metric=Sales AND Time=Month AND Period=Jan-10
       O/P : 2 rows
c)Give data for Metric=Sales AND Tag=U.S.A
       O/P : 5 rows
d)Give data for Metric=Sales AND Period=Jan-10 AND Tag=U.S.A AND Tag=Pen
       O/P :1 row

This table can have TB's of data and for a Metric,Period can have millions
of rows.

Please give suggestion to design/model this table in Cassandra. If some
limitation in Cassandra then suggest best technology to handle this.


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