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From Naresh Yadav <>
Subject Help me on Cassandra Data Modelling
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 12:24:09 GMT
Hi all,

Urgently need help on modelling this usecase on Cassandra.

I have concept of tags and tagcombinations.
For example U.S.A and Pen are two tags AND if they come together in some
definition then register a tagcombination(U.S.A-Pen) for that..

*tags *(U.S.A, Pen, Pencil, India, Shampoo)
*tagcombinations*(U.S.A-Pen, India-pencil, U.S.A-Pencil, India-Pen,

- millions of tags
- billions of tagcombinations
- one tagcombination generally have 2-8 tags....
- Every day we get lakhs of new tagcombinations to write

Query need to support :
one tag or set of tags appears in how many tagcombinationids ????
If i query for Pen,India then it should return two tagcombinaions
(India-Pen, India-Pen-Shampoo))..Query will be fired by application in

I am new to cassandra and need to deliver fast so please give your inputs.


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