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From Naresh Yadav <>
Subject Getting indexoutbound exception for a specific query on cassandra trunk
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 13:11:15 GMT
I had taken latest source code of cassandra trunk to evaluate performance
of indexing on collections new feature( for my usecase..

IF you configure table like this with commands in given order :

CREATE TABLE testcollectionindex(userid text, timeunitid text, periodid
text, periodlabel text, periodtags text, unit text, datatags text,
datatagsset set<text>,value double,PRIMARY KEY((unit,periodid), datatags));

INSERT INTO testcollectionindex(periodlabel, datatags, datatagsset,
value,timeunitid,periodid, unit) VALUES('Feb-2010', 'India|Pen|Store1',
{'India', 'Pen', 'Store1'}, 10,'Month','Period2','Number');

CREATE INDEX testcollectionindexdatatagsset ON testcollectionindex

SELECT * FROM testcollectionindex WHERE datatagsset CONTAINS 'Store1';
Output ( works perfectly ):
 unit   |     periodid |     datatags         | datatagsset
| periodlabel
 Number |  Period2 | India|Pen|Store1 | {'India', 'Pen', 'Store1'} |

(1 rows)

*SELECT * FROM testcollectionindex WHERE periodid='Period2' AND
unit='Number' AND datatagsset CONTAINS 'Store1';*

THIS QUERY DO NOT WORK..I get RPC timeout error and server logs showing
indexoutofbound exception (

Deugging code for this query I get SliceQueryFilter [reversed=false,
slices=[[, ]], count=2147483647, toGroup = 1] because of that it throws
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0    in method makeIndexColumnNameBuilder()

Note : I also tested this query on 03-Dec-2013 source code snapshot of
cassandra getting same exception there also

please someone help me on this so that i can proceed on this and conclude
on this new supported feature of cassandra.


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