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From Jimmy Lin <>
Subject question about secondary index or not
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2014 17:40:06 GMT
I have a simple column family like the following

create table people(
company_id text,
employee_id text,
gender text,
primary key(company_id, employee_id)

if I want to find out all the "male" employee given a company id, I can do

select * from people where company_id=xxxx'
and loop through the result efficiently to pick the employee who has gender
column value equal to "male"

add a seconday index
create index gender_index on people(gender)
select * from people where company_id='xxx' and gender='male'

I though #2 seems more appropriate, but I also thought the secondary index
is helping only locating the primary row key, with the select clause in #2,
is it more efficient than #1 where application responsible loop through the
result and filter the right content?

It totally make sense if I only need to find out all the male employee(and
not within a company) by using
select * from people where gender='male"


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