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From Jacob Rhoden <>
Subject Re: bad interaction between CompositeTypes and Secondary index
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2014 21:19:30 GMT
Was the original table created, or created then altered? It makes a difference as I have seen
this type of thing occur on tables I first created then updated. Not sure if that issue was
fixed in 2.0.4, I'm avoiding altering tables completely for now.

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> On 22 Jan 2014, at 7:50 am, Brian Tarbox <> wrote:
> We're trying to use CompositeTypes and Secondary indexes and are getting an assertion
failure in line 258 (running C* 2.0.3) when we call getIndexedColumns.
 The assertion is for not finding any columns.
> The strange bit is that if we re-create the column family in question and do not set
ComparatorType then things work fine.  This seems odd since as I understand it the ComparatorType
is for controlling the ordering of columns within a row and the Secondary Index is to find
a subset of rows that contain a particular column other words they seem like they
shouldn't have an interaction.
> Its also puzzling to us that ExtendedFilter asserts in this case...if it find no columns
I would have expected an empty return but not a failure (that our client code saw as a Timeout
> Any clues would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Brian Tarbox

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