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From Bonnet Jonathan. <>
Subject Re: Try to configure
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 13:27:46 GMT

  As i told you i began to explore restore operations, see my config for
archive commit logs:

archive_command=/bin/bash /produits/cassandra/scripts/
%path %name

restore_command=/bin/bash /produits/cassandra/scripts/
%from %to


restore_point_in_time=2013:12:11 17:00:00

My 2 scripts

bzip2 --best -k $1
mv $1.bz2 /produits/cassandra/cassandra_data/archived_commit/$2.bz2
cp -f $1 $2
bzip2 -d $2

For an example, at 2013:12:11 17:30:00 i had truncate a table which belong
to a keyspace with no replication on one node, after that i made a nodetool
flush. So when i restore to 2013:12:11 17:00:00 i expect to have my table
bein fill up again.

The node restart with this config correctly, i see my archive commit log
come back to my commitlogdirectory, seems bizarre to me that these ones
finish by *.out like CommitLog-3-1386927339271.log.out and not just .log.
Everything is normal ?

When i query my table now, this one is still empty. Finaly my restore
doesn't work and i wonder why ?

Do i have to make a restore on all nodes ? my keyspace have no replication
but perhaps restore need same operation on all node.

I miss something, i don't know.

Thanks for your help.

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