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From Josh Dzielak <>
Subject Can't write to row key, even at ALL. Tombstones?
Date Sat, 28 Dec 2013 02:13:20 GMT
We have a few row keys that aren’t taking any writes, even using both the ALL consistency
level to read and write. We can’t insert anything into any column, previously existing or
new, using the simplest possible heuristic in cqlsh or cassandra-cli.  

Our suspicion is that we somehow have a row level tombstone that is future-dated and has not
gone away (we’ve lowered gc_grace_seconds in hope that it’d get compacted, but no luck
so far, even though the stables that hold the row key have all cycled since).

How can we make this row key writeable again? Or even better, what can we do to debug this?
Is there a way to get Cassandra to log all of the read candidates, including timestamp and
host and sstable, before it chooses the one to use?  

Thanks as always,

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