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From "Brian O'Neill" <>
Subject Dimensional SUM, COUNT, & DISTINCT in C* (replacing Acunu)
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2013 02:41:03 GMT
We are seeking to replace Acunu in our technology stack / platform.  It is
the only component in our stack that is not open source.

In preparation, over the last few weeks I’ve migrated Virgil to CQL.   The
vision is that Virgil could receive a REST request to upsert/delete data
(hierarchical JSON to support collections).  Virgil would lookup the
dimensions/aggregations for that table, add the key to the pertinent
dimensional tables (e.g. DISTINCT), incorporate values into aggregations
(e.g. SUMs) and increment/decrement relevant counters (COUNT).  (using
additional CF’s)

This seems straight-forward, but appears to require a read-before-write.
 (e.g. read the current value of a SUM, incorporate the new value, then use
the lightweight transactions of C* 2.0 to conditionally update the value.)

Before I go down this path, I was wondering if anyone is designing/working
on the same, perhaps at a lower level?  (CQL?)

Is there any intent to support aggregations/filters (COUNT, SUM, DISTINCT,
etc) at the CQL level?  If so, is there a preliminary design?

I can see a lower-level approach, which would leverage the commit logs (and
mem/sstables) and perform the aggregation during read-operations (and

thoughts?  i'm open to all ideas.

Brian ONeill
Chief Architect, Health Market Science (
twitter: @boneill42

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