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From Daneel Yaitskov <>
Subject Re: list all nodes as seeds (excluding self)
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2013 04:54:39 GMT
What is the problem to put all nodes on the seed list without any exclusion.
Constant list is the simplest solution.
You should write it once in cassandra.yaml, tar with everything you need
(cassandra, jdk) and copy as many as number of your nodes on the list.

Really 1 thing you should generate is rpc address and listen address.

I use self extracting bash archives
cat <<EOF
listen_address: $HOSTNAME

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 7:32 PM, Anne Sullivan <> wrote:

> For ease of maintenance and because we'll likely have many deployments
> where the cluster size is very small (2 - 5 nodes), I'm wondering if I can
> set my seed_provider list to contain all nodes except the local node's IP.
>  ie) For nodes A-C
> A-> B, C
> B-> A, C
> C-> A, B
> I think my question is more or less In line with this comment, I'm
> wondering if satisfying ONLY 2) is safe:
> Datastax docs suggest that "every node should have the same list of
> seeds", and also "To prevent partitions in gossip communications, use the
> same list of seed nodes in all nodes in a cluster".  I wouldn't end up with
> gossip partitions in the example above, so if that's the only reason for
> the recommendation of keeping the list consistent across all nodes then it
> should be ok.  Reading other comments regarding the seed list /
> bootstrapping, I *think* this will be ok but would appreciate
> confirmation/comments.
> My goal is to have all nodes auto-bootstrap.  When adding a new node, I
> don't want to do 2 edits to the config file (first start without node as
> seed, then add node as seed).
> thanks
> Anne

Daneel S. Yaitskov

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