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From Daneel Yaitskov <>
Subject how to find nodes by row key?
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2013 17:58:10 GMT

I study cassandra and want to play with it.
I need to shrink the number of
available row instances.

Next send a search request for it in cqlsh with different consistency
To observe behavior I need to know which instance to take down.

I found cassandra-cli command list.

this command works
$ list ticks  limit 4;

but next doesn't
$ list ticks[1:'FEURUS':'c'];
list ticks[1:'FEURUS':'c'];
Syntax error at position 21: mismatched input ':' expecting ']'

As you see there is a composite key consisting of 3 columns.

I can use assume command to change key view.
But none of them are looks similar to values in the token column of
nodetool ring  command.

The best solution would be get IP address (node UUID) directly by a human
readable structured  row key.

My cassandra cluster has version 2.0.3.
Daneel S. Yaitskov

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