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From Marcelo Elias Del Valle <>
Subject Astyanax TokenAware connection pool
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2013 23:06:58 GMT
Hello everyone,

I was using astyanax connection pool defined as this:

ipSeeds = "LOAD_BALANCER_HOST:9160";

However, my cluster have 4 nodes and I have 8 client machines connecting on
it. LOAD_BALANCER_HOST forwards requests to one of my four nodes.

On a client node, I have:

$netstat -an | grep 9160 | awk '{print $5}' | sort |uniq -c
    235 node1:9160
    680 node2:9160
      4 node3:9160
      4 node4:9160

So although the ConnectionPoolType is TOKEN_AWARE, my client seems to be
connecting mainly to node2, sometimes to node1, but almost never to nodes 3
and 4.
Question is:
Why is this happening? Shouldn't a token aware connection pool query the
ring for the node list and connect to all the active nodes using round
robin algorithm?

Best regards,
Marcelo Valle.

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