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From Bonnet Jonathan. <>
Subject Migration Cassandra 2.0 to Cassandra 2.0.2
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2013 13:44:57 GMT

  I met some problems during an upgrade version, my source is Cassandra 2.0
and my target is Cassandra 2.0.2.

   My cluster have 3 nodes in the same datacenter, and i will upgrade them
one by one.

   So i Deploy the binaries of the new version, and configure my
cassandra.yaml with the same informations as before.

  I also make an environnement file like this one (a copy of the old one):

export JAVA_HOME=/produits/cassandra/install_cassandra/jre1.7.0_25
export JVM_OPTS=-Dorg.xerial.snappy.tempdir=/produits/cassandra/snappy

 Nothing change in this 2 files except the new home for Cassandra, i keep 
the same DATA_FILE_DIRECTORIES,commitlog_directory and
saved_caches_directory, same cluster name and same

  I just have change my
log4j.appender.R.File=/produits/cassandra/system_log.log in

So on the first node i used these commands:

nodetool –h disablegossip 

nodetool –h disablethrift 

nodetool -h snapshot 

nodetool -h drain 

cassandra stop

I also comment the num_tokens cause i use vnodes, and decomment
initial_token and let a blank for this parameter.

Next i load my new environement files, all variables seems correct but
when i try to start the node i had these errors.

[cassandra@s00vl9925761 conf]$ Error: Could not find or load main class

I search on the net, and all forums which speak about this error tell me
that i have problem with my environment variables.

But my variables are all looking good, so i really need help on this.

When i come back to the older version, cassandra always start without problems.



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