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From Francisco Nogueira Calmon Sobral <>
Subject sstableloader in Counter Columns
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 13:08:45 GMT
Hi, all!

I've performed a test in my cluster, regarding the sstableloader behaviour on counter column
families. The test cluster has 3 nodes running Cassandra 1.2.3 with RF=3. The machine that
sstableloader run had Cassandra 1.2.11.

The counter column family had only one row, so I chose one node and performed nodetool snapshot.
Then, I've truncated this CF.

Before truncating, this CF was:

RowKey: 0
=> (counter=EVENTS, value=4816777)
=> (counter=ITEMS, value=395930)
=> (counter=USERS, value=2574764)

After truncating and running sstableloader it was:

[default@Sessions] get Counters[0];
=> (counter=EVENTS, value=4809758)
=> (counter=ITEMS, value=382473)
=> (counter=USERS, value=2571674)

Then, I've performed another test. I've truncated the CF, then incremented the row 'ITEMS'
by 1.000.000 and then run sstableloader. Unfortunately, the result was:

[default@Sessions] get Counters[0];
=> (counter=EVENTS, value=4809758)
=> (counter=ITEMS, value=382473)
=> (counter=USERS, value=2571674)

Is this the normal behaviour of sstableloader for counter column families? If that is the
case, we cannot run sstableloader in a live cluster, can we?

Best regards!

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