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From David Laube <>
Subject Re: Read inconsistency after backup and restore to different cluster
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2013 21:44:14 GMT
Thank you for the detailed reply Rob!  I have replied to your comments in-line below;

On Nov 14, 2013, at 1:15 PM, Robert Coli <> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 12:37 PM, David Laube <> wrote:
> It is almost as if the data only exists on some of the nodes, or perhaps the token ranges
are dramatically different --again, we are using vnodes so I am not exactly sure how this
plays into the equation.
> The token ranges are dramatically different, due to vnode random token selection from
not setting initial_token, and setting num_tokens.
> You can verify this by listing the tokens per physical node in nodetool gossipinfo or
(iirc) nodetool status.
> 5. Copy 1 of the 5 snapshot archives from cluster-A to each of the five nodes in the
new cluster-B ring.
> I don't understand this at all, do you mean that you are using one source node's data
to load each of of the target nodes? Or are you just saying there's a 1:1 relationship between
source snapshots and target nodes to load into? Unless you have RF=N, using one source for
5 target nodes won't work.

We have configured RF=3 for the keyspace in question. Also, from a client perspective, we
read with CL=1 and write with CL=QUORUM. Since we have 5 nodes total in cluster-A, we snapshot
keyspace_name on each of the five nodes which results in a snapshot directory on each of the
five nodes that we archive and ship off to s3. We then take the snapshot archive generated
FROM cluster-A_node1 and copy/extract/restore TO cluster-B_node1,  then we take the snapshot
archive FROM cluster-A_node2 and copy/extract/restore TO cluster-B_node2 and so on and so

> To do what I think you're attempting to do, you have basically two options.
> 1) don't use vnodes and do a 1:1 copy of snapshots
> 2) use vnodes and
>    a) get a list of tokens per node from the source cluster
>    b) put a comma delimited list of these in initial_token in cassandra.yaml on target
>    c) probably have to un-set num_tokens (this part is unclear to me, you will have to
>    d) set auto_bootstrap:false in cassandra.yaml
>    e) start target nodes, they will not-bootstrap into the same ranges as the source
>    f) load schema / copy data into datadir (being careful of
>    g) restart node or use nodetool refresh (I'd probably restart the node to avoid the
bulk rename that refresh does) to pick up sstables
>    h) remove auto_bootstrap:false from cassandra.yaml
> I *believe* this *should* work, but have never tried it as I do not currently run with
vnodes. It should work because it basically makes implicit vnode tokens explicit in the conf
file. If it *does* work, I'd greatly appreciate you sharing details of your experience with
the list. 

I'll start with parsing out the token ranges that our vnode config ends up assigning in cluster-A,
and doing some creative config work on the target cluster-B we are trying to restore to as
you have suggested. Depending on what additional comments/recommendation you or another member
of the list may have (if any) based on the clarification I've made above, I will absolutely
report back my findings here.

> General reference on tasks of this nature (does not consider vnodes, but treat vnodes
as "just a lot of physical nodes" and it is mostly relevant) :
> =Rob

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