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From "" <>
Subject Risk of not doing repair
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2013 14:25:01 GMT
I'm facing bug
After migration to 2.0.2 I can't perform repair on my cluster (six
nodes). Repair on the biggest CF breaks with error described in Jira.
I know, that probably there is a solution in repository, but it's not
included in any release. I can estimate, that 2.0.3 with this fix will
be released in december. If it's not really neccessary, i would avoid
building unstable version of cass from sources and install it in prod
environ, I would rather use rpm-based distribution to keep system in
consistent state.
So this is my question:  What is the risk for me concerned with not
doing repair for a month, assuming that gc_grace is 10days? Should I
really worry? Maybe I should use repo version of cass?
best regards

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