On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 3:45 PM, Chris Wirt <chris.wirt@struq.com> wrote:
Yep they still work. They dont acutally have any of the new system CF
created for 2.0, paxos, etc.. but they do have new rows in the
schema_columns table preventing startup and bootstrapping of new

It *may* be least risky to manually remove these rows and then restart DC3. But unfortunately without really diving into the code, I can't make any statement about what effects it might have.
But anyway, actions to do this would be:
- drop schema (wont actually delete data?)

What actually happens is that you automatically create a snapshot in the snapshots dir when you drop, so you would have to move (or (better) hard link) those files back into place.
- create schema (will create all the metadata and leave my data
directories alone?)
- on each node run nodetool refresh (will load my existing data?)

Right. Refresh will rename all SSTables while opening them.

As an alternative to refresh, you can restart the node; Cassandra loads whatever files it finds in the data dir at startup.