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From ashish sanadhya <>
Subject Bulk Loader in cassandra : String as row keys in cassandra
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2013 10:25:41 GMT
I have done with bulk loader with key_validation_class=LexicalUUIDType for
new row with the help of this [code][1] but i have changed my
**key_validation_class=AsciiType** in order to make **string as row keys**

      create column family Users1
      with key_validation_class=AsciiType
       and comparator=AsciiType
      AND column_metadata = [
      {column_name: timestamp1, validation_class: AsciiType}
      {column_name: symbol, validation_class: AsciiType}
      {column_name: Bid_Price, validation_class:AsciiType}
      {column_name: Ask_Price, validation_class:AsciiType}

i have tried all possible changes to code in order to make row keys as
string type but getting an error or even without **usersWriter.newRow** not
able to write into sstable

      while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null)
             if (entry.parse(line, lineNumber))
                usersWriter.addColumn(bytes("symbol"), bytes(entry.symbol),
bytes(entry.timestamp1), timestamp);
bytes(entry.Bid_Price), timestamp);
bytes(entry.Ask_Price), timestamp);

  getting an error as expected it is only taking **ByteBuffer**

     required: ByteBuffer
     found: String
     reason: actual argument String cannot be converted to ByteBuffer by
method invocation  conversion

Any help to make string as row keys in sstable for the above column family


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