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From Vassilis Bekiaris <>
Subject Re: Any suggestions about running Cassandra on Windows servers for production use?
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2013 08:25:31 GMT
Hi Rob,

thanks for your insight on the matter. We will put together a benchmark
and hopefully get back with some meaningful results. We have a pair of
identical servers and intend to run YCSB workloads on default datastax
Cassandra community edition installations on Ubuntu & Windows. Any
suggestions to make this a fair comparison (or other stress test tools?)
are more than welcome.


On 8/10/13 22:07 , Robert Coli wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 5:35 AM, Vassilis Bekiaris
> < <>> wrote:
>     we are planning a Cassandra 1.2 installation at a client site; the
>     client will run operations themselves and based on their IT team's
>     experience they are more inclined towards running Cassandra nodes
>     on Windows servers, however given proper arguments they would also
>     consider using linux servers. On the other hand, our team has
>     experience running Cassandra on Linux, so we have no idea what we
>     might face on Windows.
> If you benchmark the two against each other, I would be shocked if the
> Windows version is not significantly slower.
> The differences are often at quite a low level, like for example the
> mmap example, or the fact that Cassandra uses fadvise on Linux.
> Various optimizations only apply to the Linux version; even running
> Cassandra on Solaris would not make use of some of them. There are
> also supplementary tools (Priam, tablesnap) which may or may not work
> under Windows. It would be great if someone enumerated the in-code
> differences.. I have noted it for my extensive TODO list with the
> optimism of a new week... :)
> On the other hand, if you don't mind taking the performance hit and
> being among a relatively small group of operators in Production on
> Windows, it should work fine?
> =Rob

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