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From MichaƂ Michalski <>
Subject Re: DELETE does not delete :)
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2013 06:38:38 GMT
W dniu 07.10.2013 08:02, Alexander Shutyaev pisze:
> * We have not modified any *consistency settings* in our app, so I assume
> we have the *default QUORUM* (2 out of 3 in our case) consistency *for
> reads and writes*.

cqlsh uses ONE by default, pycassa uses ONE by default too. I have no 
experience with DataStax's Java driver, but I'd assume it uses ONE by 
default too.

Quick grep in the souce tells me this too:

     * The default consistency level for queries: {@code 
     public static final ConsistencyLevel DEFAULT_CONSISTENCY_LEVEL = 


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