I’m keen on moving to 2.0. The new thrift server implementation and other performance improvements are getting me excited.

I’m currently running 1.2.8  in 3 DC’s with 3-3-9 nodes 64GB RAM, 3x200GB SSDs, thrift, LCS, Snappy,  Vnodes,


Is anyone using 2.0 in production yet? Had any issues? I haven’t seen anything popup here or on JIRA, so either there are none/few, or nobody is using it yet.


How important is it to move to 1.2.9 before 2.0? To me it looks like 1.2.8 to 2.0 will be fine.


Am I ok running a mixed cluster for 24 hours? E.g. I switched just one DC for 24 hours as a test.


Size-tiered compaction on L0 compaction strategy will be default now for LCS?