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From Oleg Dulin <>
Subject Unbalanced ring mystery multi-DC issue with 1.1.11
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 10:23:45 GMT
Consider this output from nodetool ring:

Address         DC          Rack        Status State   Load            
Effective-Ownership Token
dc1.5      DC1 	RAC1        Up     Normal  32.07 GB        50.00%       
dc2.100    DC2 RAC1        Up     Normal  8.21 GB         50.00%        
dc1.6      DC1 RAC1        Up     Normal  32.82 GB        50.00%        
dc2.101    DC2 RAC1        Up     Normal  12.41 GB        50.00%        
dc1.7      DC1 RAC1        Up     Normal  28.37 GB        50.00%        
dc2.102    DC2 RAC1        Up     Normal  12.27 GB        50.00%        
dc1.8      DC1 RAC1        Up     Normal  27.34 GB        50.00%        
dc2.103    DC2 RAC1        Up     Normal  13.46 GB        50.00%        

I concealed IPs and DC names for confidentiality.

All of the data loading was happening against DC1 at a pretty brisk 
rate, of, say, 200K writes per minute.

Note how my tokens are offset by 100. Shouldn't that mean that load on 
each node should be roughly identical ? In DC1 it is roughly around 30 
G on each node. In DC2 it is almost 1/3rd of the nearest DC1 node by 
token range.

To verify that the nodes are in sync, I ran nodetool -h localhost 
repair MyKeySpace --partitioner-range on each node in DC2. Watching the 
logs, I see that the repair went really quick and all column families 
are in sync!

I need help making sense of this. Is this because DC1 is not fully 
compacted ? Is it because DC2 is not fully synced and I am not checking 
correctly ? How can I tell that there is still replication going on in 
progress (note, I started my load yesterday at 9:50am).

Oleg Dulin

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