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From Robert Wagner <>
Subject Client SSL - cassandra-cli -OK, cqlsh -Problem
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 18:10:59 GMT
I am having a problem connecting via SSL using cqlsh. If I try with the
cassandra-cli command:

cassandra-cli -ts /etc/cassandra/conf/.truststore -tspw <password> -h
<host> -p 9160 -tf org.apache.cassandra.cli.transport.SSLTransportFactory

it connects fine. If I try with cqlshrc

[root@ccluster1 ~]# more .cqlshrc
hostname = <host>
port = 9160
factory = cqlshlib.ssl.ssl_transport_factory

certfile = /bucket/cassandra/certs/myusercert.cer
validate = true ## Optional, true by default.

I get: Connection error: Could not connect to <host>:9160
I don't see a method for pointing to the truststore using the cqlshrc file
or providing the truststore password. Typically, the client has to trust
the server's SSL cert somehow. Maybe I am missing something in setting up
the client environment?

Robert Wagner

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