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From pradeep kumar <>
Subject Cassandra nodetool could not resolve '': unknown host
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 12:39:45 GMT
I am very new to cassandra. Just started exploring.

I am running a single node cassandra server & facing a problem in seeing
status of the cassandra using nodetool command.

i have hostname configured on my VM as myMachineIP cass1 in /etc/hosts


i configured my cassandra_instal_path/conf/cassandra.yaml file with
listen_address, rpc_address as localhost and clustername as casscluster

(also tried with my hostname which is cass1 as listen_address/rpc_address)

Nut not sure what is the reason why i am not able to get statususing
nodetool command.

$ nodetool

Cannot resolve '': unknown host

$ nodetool -host

Cannot resolve '': unknown host

$ nodetool -host cass1

Cannot resolve 'cass1': unknown host

But i am able to connect to cassandra-cli

console output:

Connected to: "casscluster" on Welcome to Cassandra CLI
version 1.2.8

Type 'help;' or '?' for help. Type 'quit;' or 'exit;' to quit.

my /etc/hosts looks like: localhost.localdomain localhost.localdomain localhost4
localhost4.localdomain4 localhost cass1

::1 localhost.localdomain localhost.localdomain localhost6
localhost6.localdomain6 localhost cass1

[myMachineIP] cass1

what could be the reason why i am not able to run nodetool?

Please help.

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