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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Mystery PIG issue with 1.2.10
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 07:51:56 GMT

I am seeing something rather strange in the way Cass 1.2 + Pig seem to handle integer values.

Setup: Cassandra 1.2.10, OSX 10.8, JDK 1.7u40, Pig 0.11.1.  Single node for testing this.

First a table:

> CREATE TABLE testc (
  key text PRIMARY KEY,
  ivalue int,
  svalue text,
  value bigint

> insert into testc (key,ivalue,svalue,value) values ('foo',10,'bar',65);
> select * from testc;

 key | ivalue | svalue | value
 foo |     10 |    bar |     65

For my Pig setup, I then use libraries from different C* versions to actually talk to my database
(which stays on 1.2.10 all the time).

Cassandra 1.0.12 (using cassandra_storage.jar):

> testc = LOAD 'cassandra://keyspace/testc' USING CassandraStorage();
> dump testc

Cassandra 1.1.10:

> testc = LOAD 'cassandra://keyspace/testc' USING CassandraStorage();
> dump testc

Cassandra 1.2.10:

> (testc = LOAD 'cassandra://keyspace/testc' USING CassandraStorage();
> dump testc

To me it appears that ints and bigints are interpreted as ascii values in cass 1.2.10.  Did
something change for CassandraStorage, is there a regression, or am I doing something wrong?
 Quick perusal of the JIRA didn't reveal anything that I could directly pin on this.

Note that using compact storage does not seem to affect the issue, though it obviously changes
the resulting pig format.

In addition, trying to use Pygmalion 

> tf = foreach testc generate key, flatten(FromCassandraBag('ivalue,svalue,value',columns))
as (ivalue:int,svalue:chararray,lvalue:long);
> dump tf


So no help there. Explicitly casting the values to (long) or (int) just results in a ClassCastException.

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