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As for the atomic increment, I take the answer is 'no, there is no atomic increment, I have to pull the value to the client and send an update with the new value'.
Saying "atomic increment" is probably confusing. 
You cannot have Counters, the thing most people would think about when you say "increment", in a collection type.

You can update the values in a map server side. 

If you can provide a concrete example of what you want to do it may be easier. 

I think the OP is asking if the following op is atomic:

UPDATE users SET favs['posts'] = favs['post'] + 1 WHERE id = 'smith'

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Counters can be atomically incremented (http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/Counters). Pick a UUID for the counter, and use that: c=map.get(k); c.incr()

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> Store pointers to counters as map values?

Sorry, but this fits into nothing I know about C* so far - can you explain?


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