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From Patricia Gorla <>
Subject Re: Cluster Management
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2013 14:02:41 GMT

We use a number of tools to manage our Cassandra cluster.

* Datastax OpsCenter [0] for at a glance information, and trending
statistics. You can also run operations through here, though I prefer
to use nodetool for any mutative operation.
* nodetool for ad hoc status checks, and day-to-day node management.
* puppet for setup and initialization

> For example, if I want to make some changes to the configuration file that resides on
each node, is there a tool that will propagate the change to each node?

For this, we use puppet to manage any changes to the configurations
(which are stored in git). We initially had Cassandra auto-restart
when the configuration changed, but you might not want the node to
automatically join a cluster, so we turned this off.

> Another example is if I want to have a rolling repair (nodetool repair -pr) and clean
up running on my cluster, is there a tool that will help manage/configure that?

Multiple commands to the cluster are sent via clusterssh [1] (cssh for
OS X). I can easily choose which nodes to control, and run those in
sync. For any rolling procedures, we send commands one at a time,
though we've considered sending some of these tasks to cron.

Hope this helps.



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