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From Lucas Fernandes Brunialti <>
Subject Re: Continue running major compaction after switching to LeveledCompactionStrategy
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 02:58:12 GMT

I also have some doubts about changing to leveled compaction:

1) Is this change computationally expensive? My sstables have around 7gb of
data, I'm afraid the nodes won't handle the pressure of compactions, maybe
dying by OOM or getting an extremely high latency during the compactions...

2) How long does this transition takes? I mean, to finish the splitting of
these sstables and all the compactions needed... I wanted to know this to
make a fair comparison of which compaction algorithm is better for my data.

3) And finally, which would be an optimal size for the sstables, that LCS

I'm running a 8 node cluster on aws (ec2 m1.xlarge), using ephemeral drives
and cassandra version 1.2.3.

I will really appreciate the help! :)

Lucas Brunialti.
Thanks much Rob!


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