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From Paul Ingalls <>
Subject understanding memory footprint
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 17:22:36 GMT
I'm trying to get a handle on how newer cassandra handles memory.  Most of what I am seeing
via google, on the wiki etc. appears old.  For example, this wiki article appears out of date
relative to post 1.0:

specifically this is the section I'm looking at:

 For a rough rule of thumb, Cassandra's internal datastructures will require about memtable_throughput_in_mb
* 3 * number of hot CFs + 1G + internal caches.

is this still true?  I thought memtable_throughput_in_mb is deprecated.  Is there any equivalent
calculation/rule of thumb for cassandra post 1.0?

At the core, my question really is:

"Does the number of column families still significantly impact the memory footprint? If so,
what is the incremental cost of a column family/table?"

and the available docs aren't helping me answer it…


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