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From Keith Freeman <>
Subject CQL3 select between is broken?
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 16:35:39 GMT
I've been looking at examples about modeling series data in Cassandra, 
and in one experiment created a table like this:
>  create table vvv (k text, t bigint, value text, primary key (k, t));
After inserting some data with identical k values and differing t 
values, I tried this query (which is nearly identical to another example 
I found on the mailing list):
> cqlsh:smdbxp> select * from vvv where k = 'a' and t between 111 and 222;
> Bad Request: line 1:54 no viable alternative at input '222'
Why doesn't that work?  Is the syntax of the select wrong for CQL3? (I'm 
running 1.2.8)

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