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From "Arthur Zubarev" <>
Subject Re: Adding my first node to another one...
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 18:32:57 GMT
Hi Morgan,

The scaling out depends on several factors. The most intricate is perhaps 
calculating the tokens.

Also the Cassandra version is important.

At this point in time I suggest you read section Adding Capacity to an 
Existing Cluster at
and come back here with questions and more details.



-----Original Message----- 
From: Morgan Segalis
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2013 11:24 AM
Subject: Adding my first node to another one...

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to wrap my head around Cassandra great ability to expand…

I have set up my first Cassandra node a while ago… it was working great, and 
data wasn't so important back then.
Since I had a great experience with Cassandra I decided to migrate step by 
step my MySQL data to Cassandra.

Now data start to be important, so I would like to create another node, and 
add it.
Since I had some issue with my DataCenter, I wanted to have a copy (of 
sensible data only) on another DataCenter.

Quite frankly I'm still a newbie on Cassandra and need your guys help.

First things first…
Already up and Running Cassandra (Called A):
- Do I need to change anything to the cassandra.yaml to make sure that 
another node can connect ? if yes, should I restart the node (because I 
would have to warn users about downtime) ?
- Since this node should be a seed, the seed list is already set to 
localhost, is that good enough ?

The new node I want to add (Called B):
- I know that before starting this node, I should modify the seed list in 
cassandra.yaml… Is that the only thing I need to do ?

It is my first time doing this, so please be gentle ;-)

Thank you all,


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