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From Tony Anecito <>
Subject Re: Why don't you start off with a "single & small" Cassandra server as you usually do it with MySQL ?
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2013 16:20:12 GMT
I agree. I ran into a issue where I ran a single instance and the server was shut down (without
stopping cassandra) and for some reason I lost the database schema. I was back up quickly
only because I had scripts to create the schema and a backup of the data to load once the
schema was created.

If you are part of a startup that has money I would highly recommend not only more nodes beyond
one which what was suggested but multiple environments such as dev and test that also was
a time/risk saver for me.

Good luck!

 From: Mina Naguib <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 10:11 AM
Subject: Re: Why don't you start off with a "single & small" Cassandra server as you usually
do it with MySQL ?

On 2013-08-27, at 6:04 AM, Aklin_81 <> wrote:

> For any website just starting out, the load initially is minimal & grows with a 
slow pace initially. People usually start with their MySQL based sites with a single server(***that
too a VPS not a dedicated server) running as both app server as well as DB server & usually
get too far with this setup & only as they feel the need they separate the DB from the
app server giving it a separate VPS server. This is what a start up expects the things to
be while planning about resources procurement.
> But so far what I have seen, it's something very different with Cassandra. People usually
recommend starting out with atleast a 3 node cluster, (on dedicated servers) with lots &
lots of RAM. 4GB or 8GB RAM is what they suggest to start with. So is it that Cassandra requires
more hardware resources in comparison to MySQL,  for a website to deliver similar performance,
serve similar load/ traffic & same amount of data. I understand about higher storage requirements
of Cassandra due to replication but what about other hardware resources ? 
> Can't we start off with Cassandra based apps just like MySQL. Starting with 1 or 2 VPS
& adding more whenever there's a need. Renting out dedicated servers with lots of RAM
just from the beginning may be viable for very well funded startups but not for all.

Yes you can, just make sure you do your homework, evaluate and measure things.

MySQL is a row-oriented RDBMS.  Cassandra is a distributed columnar key-value store. While
both are "databases", they serve different use cases.

I think it's an illusion that a startup can "get by" on just a single virtual instance somewhere. 
It's certainly doable, but very risky  Doing that means that if the server catches on fire,
your startup's data and other IP is lost.

Any reasonable architecture in this day and age must account for such disasters.  Cassandra
is built around failure-is-a-norm, and this is handled by encouraging multiple servers and
increased replication factor as a default.  You can certainly scale that back down to a single-machine
if you want, provided you understand what risks you're taking.

Performance-wise, cassandra's quite fast even in a single-node scenario.  Again, take that
at face value and do your own benchmarks using your use cases and workloads.
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