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From Tim Wintle <>
Subject Moving a cluster between networks.
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2013 10:58:53 GMT

Suppose we have two networks: and

It is not possible to route packets between the two networks, but all
nodes have interfaces on both networks, so any node can communicate with
any address on either network.

We are currently running our all nodes on one network, but would like to
move to the other network.

What would the best way to achieve this? (We can tolerate a fairly short
period of downtime).

I have previously attempted to add a new node to the second network,
hoping that (as it can communicate with all nodes via some NIC) this
would work, and we could decommission each node one by one before
bringing them back up using their addresses on the secondary network -
however adding a node in the second network to the cluster was not

We are running C* 1.0.12 if this makes a significant difference.


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