Just adding few other details to my question.

- We are using RandomPartitioner
- 256 virtual nodes configured. 

On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 12:54 PM, Baskar Duraikannu <baskar.duraikannu.db@gmail.com> wrote:
I have a 3 node cluster with RF=3.  All nodes are running. I have a table with 39 rows and ~44,000 columns evenly spread across 39 rows. 

When I do range slice query on this table with consistency of one, it returns the data back in about  ~600 ms.  I tried the same from all of the 3 nodes,no matter which node I ran it from, queries were answered in 600 ms for consistency level of one.

But when I run the same query with consistency level as Quorum, it is taking ~2.3 seconds.  It feels as if querying of the nodes are in sequence.  

Is this normal? 

Baskar Duraikannu