Thanks Jeremiah, those are great suggestions.  

Unfortunately, I have done a full repair and compaction on that CF, but the ranged tombstones remain.


On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Jeremiah D Jordan <> wrote:
To force clean out a tombstone.

1. Stop doing deletes on the CF, or switch to performing all deletes at ALL
2. Run a full repair of the cluster for that CF.
3. Change GC grace to be small, like 5 seconds or something for that CF
4. Find all sstables which have that row key in them using sstable2keys/json
5. Use JMX to force those tables to compact with each other.
4. Do a major compaction on that CF.


On Jul 3, 2013, at 5:58 PM, Jeff House <> wrote:

> We are on 1.2.5 with a 4 node cluster (RF 3) and have a cql3 wide row table. each row has about 2000 columns.   While running some test data through it, it started throwing rpc_timeout errors when returning a couple specific rows (with Consistency ONE).
> After hunting through sstable2json results and looking at the source for it, it looks like these are Ranged Tombstones.  I see there's a bug filed (and a patch) for this, but is there a way to clear out the tombstones?   I have 'nodetool cleanup'ed, 'nodetool repair'ed and 'nodetool scrub'bed the table, but they just seem to linger as does the problem reading the rows in question.
> Is there a way I can clear this data out and move forward?
> Thanks,
> -Jeff