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From Miguel Angel Martin junquera <>
Subject Pig load data with cassandrastorage and slice filter param
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 11:03:47 GMT
hi all

I trying to load data from cassandra with slice params option but ther are
 no much info about how to use i. I found  only a quick reference in
readme.txt in cassandra project  .../examples/pig

*Slices on columns can also be specified:*
*grunt> rows = LOAD
USING CassandraStorage();*

*Binary values for slice_start and slice_end can be escaped such as '\u0255'

I want to filter the initial load data by day o range dates and I only
found this info about cassandra and pig


I,m going  to try to do a test with  dummy data with Composite column
Family like  anuniqueIDGenerate:timestamp for example or
 anuniqueIDGenerate:stringdate where date is a string with dornat YYY-MM-dd
for example

Another option is use Supercolumn family by day for example ad try to use
slice with this feature

Or another option is create a custom load cassandra but perhaps It´s more
complex and I could this features.

I will appreciate any help or example how I must define cassandra data and
 Pig example load with slice.

Thanks in advance and king regards

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